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Paving the way to broadband access in parts of RURAL Oklahoma

A Commitment to Oklahomans

A Commitment to Oklahomans

cbcadminMar 4, 20242 min read

Janice Williams, Executive Director of the Haskell County Chamber of Commerce and Cookson Hills member Cookson Hills Connect recently reached a milestone in its commitment to bring high-speed fiber internet and phone services to rural households and businesses in eastern Oklahoma. With the recent completion of a fiber construction project that began in 2021, all 14,738 Cookson Hills Electric Cooperative members now have access to fiber from Cookson Hills Connect. Over 6,000 services have been placed in less than three years, and…

Cooperative Reborn: OEC Fiber carries on a proud history

Cooperative Reborn: OEC Fiber carries on a proud history

cbcadminFeb 26, 20243 min read

Historic photo of some of OEC’s first linemen OEC Fiber proudly takes its roots from the rich history of cooperatives. Born from the legacy of Oklahoma Electric Cooperative (OEC) in 2018, it shares the values and expectations of cooperatives nationwide. Cooperatives differ from investor-owned utilities. They are owned by the people they serve. Many started with just a few people banding together to try and make life better for themselves and those around them. This commitment to improving lives traces back over…

Building Beyond Co-op Borders

Building Beyond Co-op Borders

cbcadminFeb 7, 20242 min read

Outside of the LRTC tech linemen working on fiber optic lines. Lake Region Electric Cooperative subsidiary Lake Region Technology and Communications (LRTC) strives to provide superior internet service, bringing the newest standards in fiber optic technology. The electric cooperative members came to their local trusted co-op asking for help over 10 years ago. Lake Region listened and constucted a fiber optic network throughout the co-ops electric distribution system. 

 The word has gotten out that LRTC has the best internet and customer service…

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