WAVE Celebrates 25,000 sign-ups

Wave Rural Connect bridging the digital divide across eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas

Wave Rural Connect (WAVE) recently named its 25,000th customer to sign up for fiber to the home. Established in 2018 as an Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative Corporation (AVECC) subsidiary, WAVE has been committed to bridging the digital divide in the Arkansas and Oklahoma River Valley. Since connecting the first home in 2019, WAVE has expanded across the AVECC service territory, including in AVECC’s Oklahoma service territory, covering rural homes in Sequoyah, La Flore, and Adair counties. 

Since WAVE began entering homes, the impact on rural residents across the AVECC service territory has been exponential. AVECC and WAVE leaders reflected on WAVE’s impact on our members, their families, and their quality of life. 

Director of Engineering and Operations Barret Ewing stated, “Five years ago when we connected the first rural home to our fiber broadband service, it was life-changing. Not just to that member but to all of our members. It gave our members hope that a desperately needed service was coming. Twenty-five thousand connected homes later, communities have been changed, the digital divide has been bridged, and opportunities have been ignited. Thank you to our members for being part of this journey, believing in this common goal of a more connected tomorrow, and for their patience. Together, we are changing the communities we serve.” 

WAVE General Manager Ben Roe stated, “WAVE is beyond proud that over 25,000 of our members have chosen us to provide their services. Our mission has been to provide the most reliable and affordable fiber optic services to members of the communities we all live in. Along with the invested members, our local communities have been empowered to access education, telemedicine, and work-from-home opportunities that were once unattainable and that have significantly impacted their lives. We sincerely thank everyone for their continued business and support.” 

Director of Technology and Communications Brandon Fisher stated, “As we celebrate reaching 25,000 sign-ups for WAVE fiber internet, we’re not just marking a milestone; we’re celebrating a transformative leap forward for the River Valley. Broadband isn’t just about connectivity but empowerment, opportunity, and bridging the digital divide. Our cooperative’s commitment to delivering high-speed internet isn’t just about wires and data; it’s about connecting communities, empowering businesses, and enriching lives. I want to thank our members who have invested in this vision and thank you for your trust and partnership. We’re building a brighter, more connected future for all.” 

The WAVE buildout is projected to be completed later this year, giving all AVECC members access to broadband internet.