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Paving the way to broadband access in parts of RURAL Oklahoma

Central employees celebrate

Life is Better with Centranet

cbcadminMay 1, 20242 min read

Employees celebrated the completion of the fiber build for Central members at a recent celebration. Life is now better for many rural residents thanks to high-speed internet and phone service as Centranet announces its availability to all Central Rural Electric Cooperative’s members. “This is an exciting time for Central and its members,” said Mark Prather, Central’s President of Fiber and Technology. “Centranet is open to all members and serving some members who have never had access to high-speed internet.” The anticipated five-to-seven-year…

OzarksGo Empowering Small Business Everything Nice

OzarksGo Empowering Small Business Everything Nice

cbcadminApr 30, 20242 min read

Colene Stephenson in front of her business, Everything Nice. Colene Stephenson has owned and operated her own business, Everything Nice, a café, catering and floral boutique in Stilwell, OK, for nearly five decades since buying the flower shop where she worked as a young adult not long after having her first child.   “I had him not long at all after I started the shop, and however old he is, that’s how I keep track of the age of the store,” she laughed.…

ecoLINK’S Future:  Bridging the Digital Divide

ecoLINK’S Future:  Bridging the Digital Divide

cbcadminApr 30, 20243 min read

Although the mission to serve members is complete, there are still many who need access to high-speed internet, and ecoLINK is committed to seeing this through.  ecoLINK will fill in the gaps and fulfill grant obligations in off-system areas. The successful 2023 completion of ecoLINK’s East Central Electric membership project marks a significant stride in a commitment to providing cutting-edge, affordable fiber broadband services. It’s a milestone in ECE’s journey toward bridging the digital divide.  Completing the member project has fueled their desire to eagerly…

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