OzarksGo Empowering Small Business Everything Nice

Colene Stephenson in front of her business, Everything Nice.

Colene Stephenson has owned and operated her own business, Everything Nice, a café, catering and floral boutique in Stilwell, OK, for nearly five decades since buying the flower shop where she worked as a young adult not long after having her first child. 

 “I had him not long at all after I started the shop, and however old he is, that’s how I keep track of the age of the store,” she laughed.

The world has changed a lot since Colene opened her shop 46 years ago, and when internet and telephone became the main conduits through which new customers found her business and existing ones placed their orders, a secure and reliable connection provided by a reliable company became paramount to her business staying afloat. 

 “Nearly 80% of our business comes through telephone calls and Facebook Messenger,” said Colene. “If our internet is slow, or our phones aren’t working, that’s a very big problem.” 

OzarksGo wasn’t Colene’s first attempt at a secure connection for her eager online customers.

“I’d been having issues with my previous provider for weeks and no one could tell me what was going on,” she said. I called OzarksGo on a Friday, and by that Monday my service was up and running!” 

When asked about the difficulties of running a business in such a small town, Colene compared her situation to spinning plates. 

“If one small thing goes wrong,” she said, “everything can come crashing down.”

OzarksGo hopes to keep taking the spinning plates out of Colene’s hands so that she can instead place them, full of food, in front of her eager customers!