Building Better Communities Through Connectivity

Joe Fletcher, owner of Okie Joe’s BBQ in Stilwell, OK.

Connectivity is one of the core aspects of a healthy community for both residents and local businesses. In today’s day and age, it is difficult to imagine a business running smoothly without stable internet access. Keeping track of finances, processing credit card payments, and taking orders over the phone all require some sort of internet connection, and it’s certainly good for business if that type of connection happens to be fiber broadband. 

“Before high-speed Wi-Fi with OzarksGo, our credit card processor was taking like 5 to 10 seconds with each transaction,” said Joe Fletcher, owner of Okie Joe’s BBQ in Stilwell, OK.

“That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is when you’ve got a person waiting in the window and you’re trying to move on to the next thing. With OzarksGo, it’s a second or two. It’s an immediate transaction.” 

Building Trust 

Building trust with those we serve doesn’t stop with providing a necessary service.  Having our own local customer support team has allowed us to provide a more personal touch to assisting our customers with their technical issues.  

Building Community 

“I can call OzarksGo and… they come out immediately,” said Joe. “They know that we’re a business, they know how important it is that our internet’s working, and they come out and troubleshoot until they get everything working. It’s immediate, the response is immediate.” 

Joe even referred to one of our representatives on a first name basis saying that “When we were having issues, something was going wrong with our computer system, Frank came right in, diagnosed the problem… and it worked out great.” 

Building Jobs 

The reliability of our network has allowed Joe and his staff to focus more of their attention on serving their clientele of local workers, families and out of town visitors. With this increase in capacity comes an opportunity for growth, which can create the need for new positions as the business expands. 

Building a Better World 

Rural communities deserve the same interconnectedness as their urban neighbors and providing local businesses with the tools they need to grow is just one part of building a better world for our customers. We continue to provide reliable, personal support long after the drop has been completed to the home or business, making their service both more sustainable and more enjoyable.