Fiber meets needs, adds to quality of life

Electric cooperatives are committed to improving quality of life for members and communities. This commitment began when electric co-ops were formed. It’s the driving force behind new and old cooperative programs and services.

“We feel it’s our responsibility to work toward constant advancement for our members and communities; by not only providing safe, affordable electricity, but so much more,” East Central Electric General Manager, Tim Smith, says.

What does it mean to improve the quality of life for others?

Studies show improving quality of life means achieving satisfaction across several aspects, including emotional and physical well-being, social relationships and engagement with others, and personal and professional development, including learning new skills.

For East Central Electric Cooperative member and ecoLINK subscriber Alice Perry, ecoLINK has checked all those boxes.

“I’m able to work from home when needed, take college classes to further my career, learn new skills and have peace of mind knowing my family is protected by a security system, all thanks to ecoLINK,” Perry says.
Perry said life drastically improved not only for herself but for other family and friends when ecoLINK came to the area.

“My mother-in-law’s house had been broken into six times during renovations after flooding. Because of ecoLINK, we were able to have a security system installed. Since then, there’s been no issues,” Perry says.
Before ecoLINK, Perry says she had no real options for internet service. She tried using hotspots but was left unable to get much accomplished.  Without access to high-speed internet Perry said her frustration was at its brink when she found out she could order ecoLINK service.

“I’m just so thankful for the cooperative’s servant’s heart approach. They saw a need and are filling it,” Perry says.

Meeting the need for electricity in rural America was how it all began for electric cooperatives. Providing access to electricity was the first step for enhancing quality of life, but it’s certainly not the last. Fiber internet has brought us full circle and is now leading the way, enhancing lives for members and communities.