Lake Region Technology & Communications Completes Fiber Build

Lake Region employees celebrated the milestone at a celebration lunch

CBC Member, Lake Region Technology & Communications, recently celebrated a significant milestone. June 16 marked the completion of a major undertaking, building a fiber network from the ground up to all areas of Lake Region Electric Cooperative’s service territory. All Lake Region members now have access to blazing-fast gigabit internet service.

Lake Region has constructed over 3,000 miles of fiber optic, connecting more than 11,000 homes and businesses in areas that had no access or were underserved—building broadband internet where no one else would! Thank you to the board of trustees and management for their vision to provide an essential service.

Thank you to all the employees for their hard work throughout the years of construction. Thank you to all our partnerships, communities, and contractors who have helped make this project successful. Lake Region is proud of our fiber optic network and looks forward to being this area’s most reliable, fastest internet provider for many years.

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