Dignity through Independence

Community Options, Inc., has created opportunity and independence for special needs individuals in northeast Oklahoma since 1999.

As owner and CEO of Community Options, Inc., Grace Peterson understands that where there is freedom and independence there is also dignity and hope. Community Options provides these and more to the individuals it serves in northeast Oklahoma.

The Chelsea-based company offers residential and vocational placement for nearly 60 special-needs individuals. Its mission, explained Peterson, is three-fold in nature and ranges from fostering independence through employment to assisting with medical needs to creating recreational opportunities.

“Our goal is to help them learn become as independent as possible in their living skills and give them meaningful employment,” she said. “They take a lot of pride in doing a job and receiving a paycheck.”

Peterson added: “We also help them access the community for shopping and recreational activities and with medical issues. We make sure they make scheduled physician appointments and that they receive any prescription medications at the proper times.”

Community Options began contracting with the State of Oklahoma in 1999 to provide essential services for mentally and/or physically-challenged individuals. It began utilizing BOLT Fiber Optic Services for its technology needs five years ago. Not only does BOLT provide internet service to the company’s office headquarters, it also delivers both television and telephone service to some of the Community Options group homes.

“All of our billing, payments, receipts, and interaction with state employees relies on the internet,” Peterson said. “State-mandated training is also done via the internet. We also use internet services to pay our employees.”

When choosing a provider, Peterson said reliability is the number one priority.

“We also consider pricing, and we like to keep our business local as much as possible.”

BOLT is proud to partner with Community Options and keep its clients connected with the fastest and most reliable broadband services available.

Peterson, for one, has not been disappointed.

“BOLT services have been very reliable,” she said. “Anytime there has been an issue, they have been there to correct the problem no later than the next day.”