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Co-op Fiber Subsidiaries Offer More Than Internet

Co-op fiber subsidiaries offer more than internet; they offer peace of mind with advanced parental controls and social media monitoring that aim to keep kids safe while online.

Stillwater-based Centranet, a subsidiary of Central Rural Electric Cooperative and Okmulgee-based ecoLINK, a subsidiary of East Central Electric Cooperative, are two fiber subsidiaries that recently launched Bark. 

“As an internet service provider, we feel we have a responsibility to protect our subscribers from online threats,” said Jillianne Tebow, Centranet’s VP of Marketing and Business Development.  

“Bark offers peace of mind to parents,” added Billie Been, ecoLINK’s Supervisor of Broadband Marketing and Services. “Monitoring all of your child’s online activity isn’t often possible for today’s busy parents, but Bark does just that and provides alerts to parents.”Bark aims to protect children both online and offline. The comprehensive parental controls and social media monitoring allows parents to monitor a child’s online activity. The tool monitors content like social media posts and messages and looks for issues like of cyberbullying, sexual content, online predators, depression, suicidal ideation, threats of violence and more. Parents can manage screen time, block websites and even track the location of their child’s device through the tool.